Cloud Integration
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  • Available only for demo purposes
  • 40 anti-malware engines
  • Fixed hourly limits
  • Free up to 5 vulnerability requests
  • Free up to 5 network connections requests
  • Free up to 5 loaded components requests
  • 140MB file size limit
  • Extracts archives with up to 50 files
  • Standard file sanitization
  • No SLA provided
  • No Support available
  • Files are not considered private
  • Low priority for scanning queues


Cloud Integration
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  • Available for commercial use
  • Over 10 anti-malware engines available
  • Flexible daily limits
  • Flexible vulnerability limits
  • Flexible network connections requests limits
  • Flexible loaded compontents requests limits
  • 256MB file size limit
  • Extracts archives with up to 500 files
  • Standard file sanitization (CDR)
  • 99.98% SLA provided
  • Up to Platinum Support offered
  • Private scanning available
  • High priority for scanning queues


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